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Gender:  Man
Seek:  Woman
Seek relationship: 
Stable and serious
Age:  55
Height:  5'08" (1.73 m)
Weight:  130 pds (59 kg)
Country:  United-States
Province/State:  North Carolina
Area:  East
City:  Winston-Salem
Spoken Language:  english
Smoker:  Yes
Marital Status:  Single
Zodiac Sign:  Pisces
Child:  None
About me
Title:  Found what you are looking for?
Description:  Found what you are looking for???I may not be the best looking guy in the world. I may not be the smartest or riches guy in the world. But one thing for sure. If I call you my friends, I'll do anything for you at anytime day or night. And If I say I love you, I'll do it with 150 ommittment. Hey, that's 2 things. Told you I wasn't smart. :o)
About my match
Searching:  What I'm Seeking in a Partner? Breathing will all her (original) limbs and body functions working correctly. Seriously, I have a thousand thing I can say that I'm looking for. But one song sums it all up completely. If you're not willing for love.If you're not willing to give it all you got.If you're not in it for life.If you're not in it for love.Let me make it clear to you my dear..........I'M OUT OF HERE!!!!!

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